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Become a reseller of TESLA PURPLE PLATES

TESLA PURPLE PLATES (disk small and large, rectangle, big squared, man and woman triangles) are one of the very popular, maybe even the most popular products in the field of alternative medicine. Tesla plate and disc improve physical and mental energy, state of mind, body and soul and help in many medical and health conditions. Many users from all over the World witness amazing positive experiences.

After great popularity in Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, we expanded our capacities and decided to offer the resell for all companies who are interested all over the World. In this fast growing market of alternative medicine, it is especially good for customers to have a reseller in their own country. With YOU than a reseller your local customers can save expensive bank and shipping charges, and even more – they can get their TESLA PURPLE PLATES in 1-2 days trough fast shipping.

We offer outstanding discounts and amazing conditions for distributors!

We also offer customer support, where we have a very powerful marketing system which directs all people from your country to contact you about products and sales. We can give you all advices about our marketing plan and strategy, which you can use to advertize products in your country with small investments and great success. We are here for you!

We all know that Google and Facebook are the biggest companies today. With their marketing tools, we can make top quality ads for our products. The World is becoming digital, and we should use that information for our success. As a distributor, you will get and know all we know about advertising Tesla Purple Plates and Tesla Purple Discs, and how to make special offers and great deals for your customers, even the prices in your own currency! We take care of our distributors and we make sure that the we are all happy and cooperative.

If you are interested, you can contact us trough this contact form, and we will reply as soon as possible,

we can send you tables with discounts as well as the other benefits that you can have as our distributor.

Let’s make a better future together!

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